MacBook Air Price Alert! ($509)

MB Air 500

Before I lead you to believe this is easy, keep in mind that you have to be LUCKY to score these. For every success I’ve had, I probably endured 10 that ended in disappointment.

However, here is the deal that is still currently active as of this post. It’s located in Paramus Garden State Mall Best Buy so if you happen to be in the area and are in the market, you may be in luck. This one appears to be an open box item but occasionally you can find brand new ones.

To show first hand that these are indeed real and not just unattainable deals, here’s a snapshot of my order history from last August:
Best Buy Order HistorySince then, I’ve snagged a couple more MacBooks and iPads. Even if you personally don’t need a computer, it’s a great way to earn points on your rewards cards (Read about benefits here) because these Apple products are easy to turn around and sell for at least what you paid for them.

Keep in mind, it’s not just Best Buy but Wal-Mart, Target, and other big box stores will have unadvertised amazing deals as well. How? It’s simple, when new generations and seasons of inventory come in… these stores have to move through old stock. They don’t want to always advertise clearance deals because people may become dependent on them so these retailers do it quietly. If you’re worried about quality, you can always grab the serial number of say an Apple product and look it up to see if it’s still under warranty on your phone before committing to buying.

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