This should be your next hotel stay, Free. Here’s Why.

Bioluminescent Plankton in Maldives

Bioluminescent Plankton in Maldives

Bliss is a lot closer than most people realize.

The Maldives for many seem like a far off fantasy or one you haven’t heard of yet. Nestled deep in the Indian Ocean, it is a series of small islands that can truly be considered a hidden paradise on Earth.

Some may think it’s only for the rich and famous but you can earn your way here without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

The 5 Star Park Hyatt Maldives is bookable through a UR Partner Rewards program for only 22,000 points a night.
Traveling there can be done in many different ways, I quickly did a search with British Avios (JFK->London->Male) and it yielded a 90,000pt + $1,037 fare. If you can find availability to use partner Cathay Pacific through BA or AA, the cash surcharges are even cheaper.

So for about 240k points and about $3,000 out of pocket, you can have one of the world’s most coveted vacation getaways for you and that special someone. (I encourage you to Google Maldives) After all is said and done, this is less than I spent for a simple trip to Hawaii during my pre-travel hack days.

Many of us have expenses in our day to day lives that we take care of without thinking twice. With just a little effort now and then, we can make those work for us. Things like mortgage, rent, utilities, and tuition are just some things we break out a check book to pay for without thinking twice. It starts with having the right rewards cards. Read –here– how to turn these expenses into point accumulating adventures of a lifetime.

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