The Points/Rewards Game. Easier Than You Expected?

Credit: Courtesy of Euphoric Inc.

Credit: Courtesy of Euphoric Inc.

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
― Judith Thurman

Quite simply, the points game just refers to being rewarded to spend your money… which could lead to exciting travel adventures without breaking the bank. The next time you go to pay with cash or write a check, realize that you could potentially be missing out on free rewards on money you were going to spend anyway. Although you can’t get points on everything in life, (That ethnic food cart will probably never accept plastic) there are other things that you CAN. For instance, did you know you could get awarded for paying rent?

How I personally do it:
Purchase 3x $500 Visa Gift Cards with my AMEX Blue Cash Legacy Card at Stop&Shop.
Although I pay $17.85 in fees, I get $75.89 cash back with 5% rewards at supermarkets.
Load the $1,500 into my Bluebird Account (Read about BB here)
Write my check for rent from Bluebird. (Works for mortgages and other utility bills as well)

I just made nearly $60 for simply paying rent. Also, when supermarkets run weekly gas specials, it multiplies cash savings even further. See Gas Rewards post here.

When Chase Freedom has 5% back at supermarkets, I’ll also do it then for Chase UR reward points. $1,500 = 7500 points. Read about UR advantages here.

This is just one example for increasing your rewards. Another example is, let’s say you wanted to purchase a $1k computer from Best Buy. Instead of just swiping your card at Best Buy for 1% rewards… you could take your Chase Ink card with 5% back at Staples to purchase $1k in Best Buy gift cards. Bring them to Best Buy to get your computer. Now you earn 5,000 Chase UR points instead of only 1,000. (Hack it even more with 1% visasavingsedge automatic rebates).

Read here to see how eating at your favorite restaurants could speed up your rewards.

This quickly becomes a fun game to maximize your daily expenses to reward yourself (Please be responsible though because it’s easy to get carried away)

Disclaimer: None of this is worth it if you do not pay your credit card balances in full. You should treat everything like cash, only spend what you have on hand and don’t go overboard. Also, since you’re dealing with gift cards that can easily be lost, be extra diligent in cashing and depositing them immediately.

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